Redesign Your Villa Fashionably

villa design

If you are planning on a makeover of your villa, you will find that its’ spaciousness offers you endless opportunities and immense design possibilities. However, you do need to keep a reign on your creativity so you don’t go overboard with the décor! Remember to strike the perfect balance and use tasteful furniture and high-quality décor accessories to reflect your exclusive lifestyle. Here’s a look at some inspiring interior design ideas:

Subdued Extravagance

The larger spaces and high ceilings invite you to add opulent elements to your villa home. You could try ornate chandeliers, textured walls, glossy flooring, and leather sofas to add an extravagant look, but in a subdued manner.

Understated Elegance

If you want to play safe, you could always go with an elegant neutral palette for your furnishing, walls, and floor. Contrast them with deeper hues in the drapery, accessories, and throw cushions to break the monotony.

Go Ethnic

Why not show off your cultural heritage and incorporate its elements into your interior décor? Embellish your walls with ethnic tapestries, rugs, or even paintings; Use ethnic prints for your throw pillows or use accent pieces that trace back to your roots.

Family Room

Villa homes allow you the luxury of a spacious family room too. This is where the family comes together in the evenings to spend quality time together. Dress it informally with plush seating to create a comfortable ambiance. Decorate the wall with family portraits and picture collages, as you celebrate the family.


The cozy space you retire to at the end of the day should have soothing vibes that inspire comfort and peace. Your décor should predominantly focus on calming, neutral shades, with the bed forming the center of attention.


Considered as the heart of every home, it’s where the family gathers for chitchatting and contributing towards family meals. Your dream kitchen should have lots of storage space so it looks clutter-free, yet remains fully functional. Large picture windows will also make the kitchen look airier and more spacious.

Dining Room

You could go for the chic look with a dark dining table, classy chairs, a large ornate mirror, vintage wall brackets, and a chandelier that is hard to ignore. Put together, they would create the perfect contemporary retro vibe!

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