Ways to Use Color in an Open Floor Plan

Ways To use Color In An Open Floor Plan

The changing millennium has brought with it a lot of changes in almost sphere of life. The evolution of the design of homes is one such factor. There has been a key shift in living space designs that are witnessing an increasing creation of open floor designs with fewer walls and open plan living.

These home designs have been gaining popularity across the world with most new top-notch homes utilizing this concept. And it’s not surprising why as they come loaded with advantages such as creating an open and airy atmosphere as well as a cheerful environment and brings the whole family together. Day-to-day tasks like cooking, supervising the kid’s homework, entertaining or even watching TV can all be done simultaneously when there are no walls dividing the kitchen from the sitting rooms, dining room, home office, etc.

The only challenge in inculcating this design is in the décor style. Too many colours and your home will look cluttered while using a single colour could have the opposite effect of making it look monotonous and boring. But with a little bit of imagination and the correct usage of colour, you can strike the right balance and make your open floor home look elegant and yet be functional.

If you have a large open space that is very light in colour, you could add colour highlights using accessories. You could also add colour with synchronized colours on the soft furnishing including sofas, throw pillows and dining chairs. This will help in grounding the open space as well as giving it life.

Colours can also be used to creatively divide the different functional areas of a large open space. There are corners and bends in open design rooms which can be used for adding elements of colour to add more meaning to space. Bold colours look great in large spaces.

When it comes to the floor, you can use matching coloured area rugs and group the furniture around it to divide a large area into its functional spaces. Similarly, with the ceiling also you can make good use of the beams and paint them in bold shades to divide the area into smaller functional spaces. When selecting the main colour, go with lighter shades of happy colours and use complementary colours to divide the area according to their functions.

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