Kitchen Design Troubles Solved!

Kitchen Design Troubles Solved - Under The Sun

The kitchen is the heart of every home, a place which is extensively used and needs constant maintenance for the wear & tear. It is a little like a factory that needs to be organized with designated areas for everything to enable it to function smoothly without any glitches.

As cooking and washing-up is an ongoing process in a typical Indian household, you need to ensure that your kitchen is thoughtfully designed. The perennial problems of kitchen storage will need to be addressed and designated areas provided for kitchen appliances so there are no cluttered countertops.

And with the pressures of modern lifestyles and more entertaining, it is essential that your kitchen functions in a neat and organized manner. Here are a few solutions to common kitchen problems:

Neat space

The best solution is to install a modular storage unit with built-in shelves and pull-out spaces. Another solution is to have built-in appliances so that they free up your counters and allows for easier maintenance. You could also install an island if space permits. Aside from providing you with more work surface, the island also offers ample storage space beneath it!

Space shortage

When storage space in the cabinets and pull-outs is all taken and you still have umpteen things to stow away, you can still create more space! You can fix a row of pegs on the space above the counters (and below the overhead cabinets) to hang small utensils, ladles, tongs, spatulas, etc. Alternatively, you could create an open shelf in the space below the overhead cabinets and store your regularly used spices, coffee, tea, etc.

Clear the clutter

To maintain a clutter-free counter, you could always get a trolley to store your daily cooking essentials. As you cook, you can shift the trolley along, and tuck it away neatly into a corner when done. Another idea is to buy/build a tall multi-shelved modular unit tucked in beside your fridge. This serves as an excellent space-saver.

Kitchen Design Troubles Solved - Under The Sun



There will always be some remnant odor after the cooking is done. This is aside from the odor of the waste bin or moisture in the sink. Easy ways to get rid of odor include placing baking powder, coffee grounds or vinegar in open containers around the kitchen. Alternatively, you could simmer orange/lemon rinds to permeate a refreshing aroma.

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