A Room-By-Room Guide To Lighting Your Home Right

Lighting Your Home Right

Lighting most often is not given due importance when considering home decor. In reality, lighting has a huge impact on the aesthetics and functionality of a room and can make or break your room’s décor. Beyond the purpose of illumination, lighting can affect your moods, emotions and general well-being. And as the days get shorter towards the year-end, a closer look at home lighting seems more practical.

There are four key ways of lighting up your home in accordance with their function – ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting. Lights also come in different colours and can set up the ambient tone of a space, thus making it very relevant in home décor. They can be used creatively to change the purpose of a room from mere illumination to making it extraordinary. Here is a simple guide:

Entrance hall 

The entry into your home should make a statement and a pendant light or chandelier fulfils this effect nicely. Decorative wall scones can further add to the aesthetic appeal.

Living room 

While there is nothing better than natural lighting to brighten up your living room, the evenings need to be given due consideration. This room is meant for relaxation and unwinding and accordingly, muted ambient lighting will work best here. They create a soothing atmosphere which can be further enhanced by a few accent lights to highlight your accessories and décor. 

Dining room 

Lighting in this room is a bit tricky and you should be careful not to overdo it. Pendant lights over the dining table work best. A couple of wall scones for ambient lighting complete the look. Ensure that the light over the dining table isn’t too sharp as it can detract from the benign mood here.


This is one functional area that requires adequate task lighting, especially over the work island where you do most of the chores. The cooking area also needs to be well-lit and white lights work best here. A combination of pendant lighting, wall scones as well as accent lighting under the kitchen cabinets completes the look.


Being a place of rest, you need ambient lighting that sets the mood for sleep. Side lamps or hanging lamps by the bedside can provide extra light for reading. 


This room needs to be brightly lit with task lights over the wet areas as well as above the bathroom mirror. Bright LED wall fittings are best here.

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