Tips to Improve Energy Efficiency in Villas

energy efficient tips for villas

Earth is heating up and dependence on fossil fuel and natural resources for energy is creating more problems than solutions. To do your own bit towards making your villa more energy efficient, you could turn towards using sustainable energy sources aside from reducing the use of energy. Here are some easy tips on improving energy efficiency at home and saving money on your electricity bills too.

  1.  LED bulbs don’t give off heat and are more energy efficient when compared to traditional bulbs. You should also make it a point to put off the lights when leaving a room.
  2. During the daytime, open the windows and use natural light as much as possible. It has numerous health benefits too!
  3. Through the summer months, throw open the windows and let the breeze cool your villa’s interiors. Use fans to enhance this cooling and avoid over-dependence on ACs. During sunny, cooler months, open the curtains and let the sun warm your rooms and cut down heating bills.
  4. Keep your villa cool during peak hot weather by closing your curtains on windows facing the sun. This will keep the rooms cooler and reduce your AC bills, thus reducing your energy bills.
  5. Seal all cracks and gaps around the doors and windows to reduce loss of heating or cooling effects and improve the use of energy.
  6. Invest in fridges, freezers and ACs with higher star ratings as they are more energy efficient.
  7. Keeping your fridges and freezers full actually helps them operate more efficiently.
  8. You don’t necessarily have to run your washing machine with warm water, normal water works just as well. To prevent energy wastage, run the washing machine with a full load only.
  9. Switch off appliances when you leave a room. This would include lighting, fans, ACs and even exhaust fans. Similarly, don’t allow your electronic devices to remain on all day; turn on your computers, fax machines or printers only when needed.
  10. And finally, dress for the weather so that your heater or AC doesn’t have to work so hard!

But for those who choose to buy luxury villas in Bangalore, especially the ‘Under the Sun’ villas nested within a 30-acre fruiting orchard in the strategically-located Devanahalli area, you have little to worry about energy efficiency. These villas in north Bangalore are surrounded by lush fruit trees offering ample shade to keep your home cool during the summers. Features such as enhanced cross ventilation, enhanced daylighting and enhanced fresh air ventilation have further added to these villas being awarded the prestigious ‘Platinum Pre-Certification’ by IGBC for green building scheme.