Energy Efficiency Tips for Lowering Your Utility Bills at Home

energy efficiency tips

With the summer setting in, electricity bills will soon start skyrocketing as temperatures soar. An increasing dependence on electrical appliances to add comfort to living is further fueling greater dependence on electricity. However, there are some ways to reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint. Here’s a look at some of these tips:

1. Plug off appliances when not in use as they consume power even on standby mode. These include your TV, desktop, phone chargers, AC, geyser, etc.

2. Go the old fashioned way when it comes to cleaning. Instead of using energy-guzzling vacuum cleaners, use a brush to clean your rugs.

3. Old is definitely not gold when it comes to wiring. If your home’s electrical wiring is old, its best replaced – unknown to you, the insulation might have given way, resulting in power leakage. Lack of proper earthing can also cause this issue.

4. Be judicious in choosing your lighting. Replace your incandescent bulbs and old tube light sets with LED lamps which consume substantially lower power.

5. Shop smartly. Buy home appliances with higher star (energy) ratings as they consume less electricity. In the long run, this results in huge power savings.

6. Consider investing in a solar geyser or the new-gen electrical geysers with ceramic protection which have better heat transfer properties.

7. Use natural lighting wherever possible during daytime and minimise dependence on artificial lights.

8. Switch to solar energy and get on an on-grid PV device with a bi-directional meter. While the installation might be expensive initially, it reduces your annual bill substantially.

9. If you need to pump water to overhead tanks, then ensure proper plumbing as it will cut down on the HP requirement of the pump. Proper maintenance will also keep your pump’s power consumption under control.

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