Advantages of Living on the Outskirts of North Bangalore

living on the outskirts of north bangalore

A positive fallout of the pandemic has been the change in consumer behavior as far as real estate is concerned. With the location being a key factor, more people are now turning towards buying homes in the city’s peripheral areas. The suburbs of North Bangalore are the emerging location for real estate investment as they offer the dual advantages of convenience as well as affordability. With the city’s outskirts undergoing rapid development in infrastructure, properties in these locations will reap greater returns on investment and appreciation in prices.

Being the country’s tech and IT hub, Bangalore attracts a large floating population of professionals in search of better opportunities. This has also contributed in part towards the rising costs of properties in the city. Instead of looking for smaller, compact properties in the city center, it’s better to settle for the outskirts and make a wiser investment. And here are some reasons why:


Properties in North Bangalore are a preferred destination due to their close proximity to the International Airport and the Central Business District. Localities such as Hebbal, Yelehanka and Devanahalli are prime locations as they are well-connected to South Bangalore by the metro as well as Bellary Road and the Peripheral Ring Road.

High ROI

Due to the high appreciation rates, investing in properties in North Bangalore is a smart decision. Not only does your property gain higher returns on investment, but it also generates higher rentals as people working in the nearby tech parks prefer accommodations close to their workplace. You also get easy access to excellent schools, hospitals, multiplexes, shopping centers, etc.

Tech Parks

There is greater development happening in North Bangalore due to its being the preferred location of IT and corporate giants. This has also led to rapid economic development in these suburbs with a number of housing projects coming up here to house the large population of techies.

Green Living

Living in the suburbs has its own charm as you get to enjoy nature and greenery while getting away from the city’s congestion and air and noise pollution. Life is more peaceful in North Bangalore, where you enjoy the perks of the city, while being close to nature too!
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