Pros and Cons of Living in the Suburbs of Bangalore

living in the suburbs of Bangalore

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city well-known for being one of the largest IT hubs in the country. It has everything, right from high-end facilities, excellent infrastructure, thriving hospitality and tourism industry and a rapidly-expanding realty sector.

The city is also home to various multinational companies from the software sector, aerospace, telecommunication, pharma, numerous Startups, etc. There has been consistent growth in the city over the years, resulting in its year-on-year expansion. With space running out in the city center, and land being cheaper in the suburbs in northern Bangalore, the suburbs are now becoming a hotbed of both residential and commercial growth. The location of Kempegowda International Airport in northern Bangalore has further encouraged infrastructural expansion to the north of the city.

For those looking to buy homes, northern Bangalore makes the best destination. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of living in the suburbs of Bangalore:

Pros of living in the suburbs of Bangalore


When it comes to buying a home, size does matter. Homes in the suburbs are always more spacious and even come with backyards. If you are looking for villa homes, the suburbs are your best destination.


For those looking for 3 or 4BHK homes, they are more affordable in the suburbs due to greater land availability at cheaper rates.


Being away from the city center ensures you lead a healthier life with access to cleaner air and lower noise pollution.


No more crowded neighborhoods with shared walls and a noisy environment. And no more hustle-bustle of the city, traffic snarls, and vehicle parking issues.


You can enjoy the calming beauty of nature in the suburbs as it has a denser green covering.

Cons of Suburban Living

Access to facilities

It might take time to access important places in the city center as it’s further away.

City life

For those who enjoy the party life, bar-hopping culture or hanging out, then you might need to travel some distance to access these facilities.

But if you are buying one of the uber-luxurious ‘Under the Sun’ villas located within a 30-acre verdant fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, North Bangalore, then you needn’t worry about being far from the city. This peaceful locality enjoys excellent connectivity by the metro service, bus service, NH7 (2km away) and the International Airport flyover (5.5km away). There are numerous employment hubs as well as schools, colleges, hospitals and other social infrastructure in this rapidly-developing area.