Incorporating Eco-Friendly Features in Your Villa

An eco-friendly home is just another word for sustainable homes, homes that don’t sacrifice natural resources needed by the next generation. These environmentally friendly homes fulfill all the requirements of a dream home but come with special features that don’t have a negative impact on natural resources. A perfect example is the result of rapid urbanization in Bangalore. The city experienced a 1028% increase in population from 1973 to 2017. This has resulted in an 88% loss of green cover and a 79% drop in the water table and is reason enough for you to incorporate eco-friendly features into your villa in Bangalore. Do your bit to mitigate the negative effects on the environment with these eco-friendly tips:

Solar panels

By opting for solar energy, you are limiting dependence on natural resources and opting for renewable resources instead. As an alternative to depending on non-renewable sources like coal, crude oil products, or hydro-energy, reduce your carbon footprint and live sustainably with solar energy instead.

Rainwater harvesting

It’s essential to have an efficient rainwater harvesting system set up in every home. This reduces dependency on potable water for outdoor needs such as gardening or car washing. A sewage treatment plant within your villa enclave can also add another eco-friendly feature to your home.

Waste management

An eco-friendly villa includes an efficient system for waste segregation and management at the source. While organic waste should be composted, hazardous components like e-waste and batteries as well as plastic products can be handed over to authorized recyclers.

Energy-efficient appliances

To live sustainably, you should invest in energy-saving appliances too. These include appliances that use less energy to operate and include energy-efficient LED lighting, ACs, fridges, etc. Using appliances showing more than a 3-star rating can bring down your electricity consumption substantially.

Climate Responsive Designs

An eco-friendly villa should also have proper cross ventilation and access to lots of natural lighting. Having large picture windows in your villa will reduce your dependence on artificial lighting and cooling.

The ultra-luxurious ‘Under the Sun’ villa project located within a 30-acre fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, offers you opportunities to live an eco-friendly life in Bangalore North. Each villa comes surrounded by mature fruiting trees and manicured gardens, providing ample natural cooling options. These contemporary-style 4BHK villas also have large picture windows that encourage natural lighting and cross-ventilation of your home. Phase 2 consists of 39 plots of varied dimensions.

Aside from all this, these villas come with a large array of lifestyle-enhancing amenities too. And they are located just 2km away from NH7, 5.5km from the international airport, and within close proximity of tech parks and important social infrastructure. What more could you possibly want?

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