Homes that Maximize their Green Surroundings

Homes that Maximize their Green Surroundings - Under The Sun

There is something about nature and greenery that calls out to the inner soul. A trip away from the city, hobnobbing up-close with nature always results in positive invigoration and rejuvenation of the mind. And when you have this rich glory of nature right at your doorstep, then there are no limits to the enhancement of the quality of life!

This is exactly what ‘Under the Sun’ villas by Fortius Infra are all about. Located in a serene and unpolluted cul de sac in Devanahalli area of Bangalore, these innovatively-designed villas are nestled within a verdant, green fruiting orchard of fully-grown trees. This means that every home gets its own share of the myriad mix of 2,650 jackfruits, chikku, coconut, and mango trees. What’s even more unique about this villa project is that no trees were uprooted during the process of building these villas. Rather, the homes were designed around the trees.

Each villa plot is bordered by trees on all sides and within, and alongside it all, a vast 500-acre protected lake-bed. Life here becomes reminiscent of a lush tropical eco-retreat for the lucky homeowners. Imagine waking up to a canopy of green cover and the tweets of birds for the company – you could almost be forgiven for thinking that you are in a tropical resort. Verdant tranquility and lush green views are the lots of the villa owners in this 30-acre project, located just 5.5km away from the airport flyover, off the NH7.

Homes that Maximize their Green Surroundings - Under The Sun

Large picture-perfect windows and creative designing ensure that each villa gets plenty of natural lighting and amazing outdoor views, thus warranting less use of artificial light thereby conserving energy. These energy-efficient buildings also reduce heat ingress into the villa as well as having provision for solar water heating. All this and more has ensured that these villas earned the highly-coveted Platinum pre-certification for green living from the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).

The tree-lined courtyards are the focus of all the principal rooms of these villas, including the spacious bathrooms. The design of these homes features clean, modern lines and simple forms that are in direct contrast with the natural setting. The villas are designed to bring the great outdoors into the home and blend in effortlessly with nature. Each villa comes with large front yard and backyard spaces so you can grow your own garden or lawn patch to add to the magnificent green surroundings. You can find more details about these outstanding villas here: