Why UTS Is Your Perfect Work from Home Space?

Why UTS Is Your Perfect Work from Home Space

The COVID 19 pandemic and the precautionary lockdown to #StopTheSpread has made us rethink work and life as we have seen it before. Working remotely or from the comfort and safety that your home provides is becoming the new normal. This brings all the attention to the one sanctuary that we should invest in – a spacious and comfortable home.

The surroundings

Under the Sun is a vision of what space should mean for its residents, the tranquillity it evokes, and how aligned to the concept of holistic living the project is. The project is set in a sheltered cul de sac at Devanhalli and is home to about a myriad mix of 2650 full-grown fruit yielding trees including mango, bamboo, chikku, coconut, jackfruit, and silver oak trees. With the vast protected lake bed alongside, the community will always nestle amid untouched nature. If living close to nature has been your dream, UTS is your dream come true.

The design

Inspired design can be life-transforming. At Under The Sun, each villa is custom designed taking into account the trees within, thereby ensuring minimum impact on the environment. Clean modern lines and simple forms present a counterpoint to the natural setting. A verdant entrance foyer and family spaces form the cynosure of each villa. The indoor-outdoor open spaces allow for the beautiful views of the surrounding nature to come alive in luxuriant hues. The plan allows for maximum daylight harvest and is an ode to green living.

The Mood

Relaxing and cosy, each of the villas promotes outdoor spaces as an extension of indoors. The courtyard is the foci of all principal rooms of the house and natural stone accentuates the facade.

Work from Home @ UTS

When you are working from home, it is ideal to set up a workstation in a calm and quiet environment. Studies say that a spacious and green environment increases productivity. When you are staying at UTS you can enjoy the greenery, stay in a stylish home and be sure that you are in a safe and sound area. Take a stroll during your break times, go for a walk in a secure community, workout at home, spend quality time with your family – if you are someone who loves all this, give us a call and we will be happy to show you around Under The Sun