Why People Prefer to Live in Outskirts Over Bangalore City

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Comfort, open spaces and greenery are things that every homebuyer aspires for when out home-shopping. Unfortunately, cities like Bangalore have become too space-constrained and costly to afford a nature-inspired spacious home. But for those living in the city’s suburbs, life is more fun, peaceful and free from the stress that comes from living within smaller, more cramped homes commonly found within the city. Here is a look at some of the reasons why people prefer living on the outskirts of Bangalore:

More Space

Living in the outskirts means you can afford to buy more indoor and outdoor space for the same amount as within the city. You also get more privacy from neighbors as there is enough space between homes, even within gated community villa homes. Aside from the luxury of spacious rooms, more outdoor space also means your kids and pets have more space to play in the backyard and bond with nature.

Healthy Lifestyle

The outskirts of Bangalore also provide freedom from noise and air pollution prevalent within the city. You can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the chirping of birds, as you revel in the luxury of a peaceful morning walk with your dog in the city’s suburbs.

Better Schools

Unlike in the earlier days, the city’s outskirts are also where you will find some of the best facilities including quality schooling. Larger schools with greater acreage mean more outdoor activities for your kids and are attended by other kids from your neighborhood too – allowing for easy carpooling and more stress-free lifestyles.

Infrastructure Development

With the advent of the international airport in North Bangalore, there has been a lot of infrastructure development in the surrounding suburban areas. These include the construction of excellent highways, huge office parks, IT hubs, public services, commercial establishments and social infrastructure. All this makes the outskirts of North Bangalore a great place to live in.

Crime Rates

With safety always being a concern, Bangalore’s outskirts also come with lower crime rates. This is a big plus for families who are always on the lookout for safe neighborhoods.

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