Why are People Showing Interest to Invest in Luxury Projects?

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Real estate is considered a safe investment. If you have the resources, you may want to expand your portfolio into the luxury real estate market. However, we need to define the luxury real estate sector in the true sense of the word, before we proceed further. It is not just the high price tag that defines a luxury project, it must also be unique, exclusive, and offer its owners access to luxury activities and a nice neighborhood. A luxury project is a trophy address, something that speaks class and comfort. Here are six reasons why we feel people buy luxury projects.

Aspirations for a better lifestyle

If you have the money to splurge and still more to live comfortably, why not? Investing in a luxury home is also a matter of prestige in the Indian context. Everybody aspires for a home that will announce their arrival and is a symbol of a higher lifestyle.

More Comfort

When you have more money to spend, why not invest in a home that offers more comforts? Most of the modern luxury projects like Under the Sun, from Fortius Infra at Devanahalli offer bespoke facilities. Under the Sun is a very unique project that features facilities like swimming pools, themed, landscaped gardens, gyms, meditation centers, manicured lawns, electronic security, touch-button responsive fixtures, and entertainment and shopping and contribute towards making the living experience more comfortable.


Top of the line security is one of the important features of luxury homes. A gated community with trained security personnel and security installations are mandatory. The response teams are well-equipped and there should be ample proximity to urban conveniences.

Technological enablement

From state-of-the-art technology to operate everything indoor gadgets to solar generators to remote-controlled window shutters, everything is directed at meeting the demands of homebuyers looking for an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Better neighbors

The benefits of housing one’s family in a luxury project is not limited to just the conveniences. The luxury housing project is a miniature community that forms a part of the environment in which your children grow up and the adults socialize.

Investment value

Real estate is also a ‘performing asset’ in the Indian context. The fact remains that luxury homes are always in demand even in the secondary market, high net worth individuals (HNIs) see them as the perfect investment opportunity that guarantees multiplied returns in the future.

Under the Sun, by Fortius Infra near Devanahalli is one of the best luxury projects in Bengaluru. It is a bespoke classy address that will add to your status. Contact us for more details.