Which is Better to Buy: Furnished vs Unfurnished Villa

modern villa interior design

When it comes to buying a home, a number of factors need to be considered, these include locality, builder brand, amenities, etc. Smart developers have introduced another category to consider when out home shopping – furnished and unfurnished homes! The trend has been catching on and here’s a closer look at their pros and cons to help you decide which way to go:

Furnished villas

This category is typically preferred by the high-income group. It usually has everything already installed for luxury living. Some of the alluring furnishing fitted out to suit the villa can include modular kitchens, bathroom fittings, furniture, and even curtains!


  • No endless shopping trips
  • Savings on cost of hiring interior designer
  • No stress of packing and unpacking furnishing when moving home
  • Convenient lifestyle


  • You don’t have a choice in choosing your furnishing
  • Its more expensive
  • Restricts freedom to decorate your home

Unfurnished villas

While there is no furnishing included, these villas give you the freedom to decorate your home according to your whim. Such villas are usually empty shells with no electrical fittings, cabinets or furniture and preferred by those with a fixed budget.


  • More affordable rates
  • Unrestricted liberty to decorate according to your style
  • Customize your home with your favorite colors
  • Freedom to chose fittings according to your pocket size


  • Moving in gets expensive when buying your own furniture and accessories
  • Shifting home is time-consuming
  • Cost of packers and movers to transport your furniture
  • Endless shopping trips to find the right elements

Aside from furnished and unfurnished homes, there is a third category available too which is semi-furnished. This category includes homes with fitted cupboards, bathrooms and modular kitchens replete with matching cabinet work.

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