What Makes a Luxury Villa in Bangalore Stand Out from the Others?

luxury villas in bangalore

When you are thinking of real estate, the word ‘luxury’ is perhaps one that gets thrown around way too often, especially in a bustling city like Bangalore. With space being a constraint and experiential living being a trend, the definitions of luxurious lifestyles are changing too. From luxury defined as huge palatial mansions, the focus has now shifted to more of the comforts and technology. And this shift has been due to a change in the demographics. A recent study said that the average age group for buying a home in Bangalore has dropped from 40 to 34 years in the last decade. Along with the fact that Bangalore has got a sizeable population of NRIs, Expatriates, HNIs, Foreign Dignitaries, and the cream of IT, the power to spend is higher boosting up the luxury housing sector. To meet the growing demands of this clientele, builders are opting for more bespoke experiences in their luxury projects making them stand out from the rest. Here’s a look at the important factors.

A bespoke lifestyle

A luxury villa in a gated community comes with all the freedom of an individual house, security, better lifestyle, and a great ROI. Apart from providing you with a cozy living space, villas come with a wide range of amenities like gym, play area for kids, library, and an array of other facilities that boost community living. The spread of amenities at Under the Sun by Fortius Infra near Devanahalli is driven by a sense of finding holistic ways to let residents de-stress and take a pause from the pressures of daily life while providing opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and active social interaction.

Superior comforts & a luxurious lifestyle

Today’s luxury homes provide all modern amenities and comforts. From swimming pools to gyms and gardens for those quiet evenings, there are a lot of relaxing built-in features. These villas boast of state of the art technology in electronic security, touch-button responsive fixtures, and entertainment zones to make you feel more relaxed.

Better neighbors

The benefits of housing your family in a luxury apartment are not limited to just the conveniences. Luxury housing projects offer the perfect environment for one’s children to grow up in and the adults to socialize in. After all, such projects form a society with a certain degree of culture, education, and beliefs.

Investment value

A luxury property can provide a wealth of benefits that include asset appreciation, business networking opportunities, and more than everything else, a certain level of relaxation and personal enjoyment. Luxury homes are always in demand even in the secondary market with high net worth individuals (HNIs) seeing them as the perfect investment opportunity that guarantees multiplied returns in the future.

How does Under the Sun stand out

Under the Sun by Fortius Infra explores the best natural assets and the finest in architectural design to ensure that our villa designs have the best of all worlds; verdant tranquility and beautiful views that form the backdrop to a contemporary lifestyle, replete with access to the finest amenities. All of this while being close enough to the city.

The design by a world-class team draws inspiration from this holistic ethic. Each villa is custom designed taking into account the trees within, thereby ensuring minimum impact on the environment. Clean modern lines and simple forms present a counterpoint to the natural setting. Get in touch with us to know more.