Ways to Show Your Home Some Love

home care tips

Have you been showing your home any love of recent? It all shows up in the way you maintain your home. A well-loved home looks welcoming, relaxing as well as functional. By keeping your home well-maintained in tangible and intangible ways and keeping your to-do list for your home up-to-date, you are definitely showing your home some loving care. Here are some proactive ways that you too can shower your home with love:


Your home needs to be airy with enough open spaces to breathe. Get rid of all the unnecessary things you bought on a whim. Clothes and toys that your kids have outgrown should also be given away. Go through your kitchen cabinets and purge them of outdated foods too. Your cupboards and consoles need similar treatment where things you haven’t used in a year should be disposed off.


You could also go one step ahead and give your home a makeover. Bring down all the wall decors, framed photos and paintings. Chuck out the ones that don’t appeal any more and rearrange what’s left. Do the same with your furniture. Rearranging will give a new perspective to the layout and make your home interesting again.


Make time for your home and keep up with seasonal maintenance. Aside from getting you creative, seasonal maintenance also increases the longevity of your home. And by staying ahead of the curve with timely fixing of those leaks and creaks, you get to save on costly repairs later on.

Deep Cleansing

Just like a day at the spa, your home also needs that deep cleaning once in a while. Areas that need attention during a deep cleansing include carpets and rugs, windows, doors, ceilings and all those dark corners!


Fresh flowers and indoor plants introduce freshness into the home and are soothing to the eyes. Depending on space availability, you can have them as hanging baskets, corner pots or as wall planters.

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