Ways to Research for Property Online

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The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have taught most renters the need for a home of their own. A tangible asset in these times of uncertainty. And with almost every business has moved online, including real estate, searching for a property online has never been easier.

However, as with everything else, you do need to exercise caution and check on multiple websites before making a decision. Here are some tips on researching for properties online:

Finalize on a Location 

You can check out multiple maps of the city and see the location of facilities important to you. These could include your place of work, educational institutions, shopping complexes, hospitals and other conveniences. Once you have decided on a location, you can also get to know about upcoming infrastructures, crime rates, etc., in that area too.

Finalize a Budget 

Once you decide on a budget for buying property, you can use price filters to search for properties within that range. There are no salesmen around this time to convince you to hike up your budget! You can search online for properties without any pressure.

Search for a Property 

Using specific keywords like ‘villas in Bangalore’, ‘gated community villa projects’ or ‘green villa projects’, etc., look for existing and upcoming projects in your chosen locality. It’s better to check for projects by branded builders who have their reputation to maintain and will only provide quality homes.

Consult a Lawyer 

Once you have decided on a property, get a property lawyer to check the legalities involved in the buying process. This will involve checking the authenticity of property papers, the mandatory permits and certifications and for any encumbrance or litigations. You will need to be alert and do a double-check yourself too.

Check for Home Loans 

You can check through various bank and NBFC websites and check for their home loan interest rates and terms and conditions. This will help you zero in on banks offering the best deals.

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