Ways to Create Art Space for Kids at Home

Ways to Create Art Space for Kids at Home - Under The Sun

Children have very active imaginations and need their own nook or personal space where they can let their creative side run wild. Having their own art space not only keeps kids busy, but it also provides them with an outlet for their emotions and improves their visual perceptions and concentration.

Aside from all this, art improves critical thinking and develops innovative skills. It doesn’t take much to create an art corner for your kids, plus it has the added advantage of keeping their activities restricted to just one area! It also keeps the kids busy and parents happy. Here are some neat ideas for a creative space for your children :

  • Think of your kid’s art space as a workshop. It can be just a low table and chair in an open, easy-to-access corner. You can place jars, tubs, and trays that hold their brushes, colors, playdough and other accessories at hand.
  • For kids who love to doodle, paint, and color, you could consider buying or creating a wall-mounted easel or board, where they can get creative and allow their imagination to run free. You could also consider installing low-level shelves to keep their art and crafts materials close at hand.
  • If you can’t afford a dedicated wall space, another option is to buy a standing easel. Make sure you have enough paper handy as your kids may run through them quite easily. Some easels come with a blackboard on the reverse side, so ensure that you have enough chalk in stock as well.
  • Your kid’s art and crafts supply should always be well-stocked and easily accessible to encourage them to be creative, inventive and use their imagination beyond limits. You could buy a kid’s cart or have a lightbox that contains all their art materials and which they can easily tug around and work from where you can easily supervise them.
  • Another idea would be to dedicate one part of your child’s room for their art and crafts work. It should preferably be near a window with access to good lighting, airy and with enough space to move around. Finally, you should have a display board where you can pin-up your child’s creations to encourage them further.

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