Villa Design Trends for the Modern Homeowner

The pandemic gave people time to pause and take a good look at their homes. The end-result was that many people decided to move out of rentals and buy spacious homes of their own, while others redesigned their spaces. It’s also one of the reasons why there are more spacious villas for sale in Bangalore now. With more people working from homes currently, multi-functional or hybrid spaces are the need of the hour with décor trends tending towards greater versatility. Here’s a look at some trendy villa designs for the modern homeowners:

Biophilic trends

Current trends are focused on nature-inspired aesthetics and include features such as large picture windows, emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation, as well as plenty of glass. Natural materials like marble, wood, natural stones and jute are all in too. Other trending biophilic elements include loads of green plants and earthy colors.


After the mayhem of the pandemic, a calm and orderly atmosphere is gaining popularity in villa designs. Minimalism designs free of clutter are trending, more so because they require less upkeep. Simple lines, neutral colors and fewer trimmings and accessories are the order of the day.

Multi-functional spaces

Another trending villa design is more open spaces that can be used for multiple activities within the same area. An example would be a home office and the kid’s study room or playroom sharing the same space.

Smart home features

Villas are increasingly becoming smart homes with a number of tech features being included into it. This could include automated lighting systems, high-tech entertainment systems or digital security systems.

Vibrant colors

Modern homeowners are veering towards the unexpected uses of vibrant colors to add visual appeal as well as create emotionally-stimulating spaces that are a reflection of their individuality. These splashes of color could be represented in accent walls, accessories or furniture.

Textured walls

Another trending design in modern villas is textured walls. They don’t detract from the overall room décor, yet add an interesting dimension to the room. Wall treatments such as exposed bricks, shiplap and stonework are a few reigning trends that add character and depth to a room.

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