Vastu Colors for Home Interior Walls

Vastu Colors for Home Interior Walls

For those who don’t know, Vastu Shastra is an ancient set of guiding architectural principles that add harmony into the life of the homeowner. These set of principles are just as relevant today as they were numerous centuries ago as they influence such features as ground preparation, space layout, design, colours, spatial geometry, etc.

The colours of your walls are also very important as they influence important aspects of your life including your mood and behaviour, your intellect and physical and materialistic outlooks. The wise men of yore realized the impact of the different colours and associated them with the seven chakras or energy centres in the human body; they also correlated these colours with the creation of good Vastu in homes. Here’s a look at how to use them:


This colour universally breathes peace, tranquillity and contentment. It’s a very versatile colour and suitable in large living spaces where lighter versions work better. Smaller rooms aren’t suitable for blue colours.


This is the epitome of soothing relaxation, growth and nature. Though this universal colour works very well in the kitchen it is suitable for almost every room of the house.


A colour that denotes royalty and luxury, shades of purple are great for the sitting room, guest room and your daughter’s bedroom.


A vibrant colour, red denotes passion, warmth and energy. This bold colour looks great as a highlight wall in the living room or dining room. Because of its high energy levels, it is best avoided in bedrooms and bathrooms.


This is another colour that signifies warmth and energy. The high vibrancy of this colour means you should go with lighter shades of it. It is preferable as a highlight wall in the living room area to add more life and intensity.


This colour denotes happiness and gaiety. While it’s great for your little girl’s bedroom, lighter shades work very well in the living room area too.


A colour that represents happiness and boldness, yellow adds more energy in all the rooms. It goes well with green, red and orange colours and brings freshness and happiness wherever it’s applied.


This is the colour of purity and cleanliness. White adds an ambience of spaciousness, elegance and luxury to any room and looks great in the master bedroom.

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