Top Ways to Harness the Power of the Sun

Ways to Harness the Power of the Sun - Under The Sun

Besides affecting the weather and providing light and warmth, the sun is also a powerhouse of clean and green energy. And when it comes to harnessing solar energy, most people think of rooftop panels only. While it’s true that photovoltaic solar panels are the most popular way of harnessing solar energy, there are many other ways of utilizing solar energy in your homes. Here’s a look at some of these alternative ways:


If your home needs a light to be switched on during the daytime, you might benefit by installing a skylight through your ceiling. Aside from being healthier, skylights save on your electricity bills too. For those without space for a skylight, tubular skylights work just fine by funneling light into smaller spaces.

Solar Water Heaters

This is a rooftop technology that either use evacuated tubes or solar panels to heat water directly. The heat or hot water is then piped into your shower water. It can be a major saver in terms of your carbon footprints.

Yard Lighting

You can save on your outdoor security light bills by installing solar yard lighting. These systems come with an LED lamp and a very small solar panel that stores solar electricity in an attached storage battery. They can light-up the yard throughout the night, improving your security.

Solar Chargers

You can even charge your electronics with ‘green’ energy. Most of these devices are small portable solar panels that may or may not have battery storage. Rechargeable devices like mobile phones, tabs, torches, etc, can be charged economically in this way.

Ways to Harness the Power of the Sun - Under The Sun

Solar Powered Cooking

Solar energy offers nifty cooking energy options during the daytime. It can be used for ovens or stoves and typically uses reflectors that funnel the sun’s energy into your appliance. There are many types of models available, with some solar ovens even attaining 3500F!


Thermal Storage Tubes

These are large attractive water-filled fiberglass tubes that work by absorbing solar energy during the day and releasing it at night. They are especially effective for keeping you warm on cold nights.

All these alternate ways of harnessing solar energy work best when they are incorporated into the house during the construction stage itself. Luckily for those looking to add such features into their home, there are the exquisitely-designed ‘Under the Sun’ villas at Devanahalli, Bangalore that comes with numerous energy-efficient features. These villas are designed to prevent heat ingress, harvest natural lighting during daytime and even come with provisions for solar water heaters. Get more information about them here: