Top Tips to Dust-Proof your Villa

Almost all the major cities are facing pollution problems and keeping homes dust-free is becoming a never-ending battle. Apart from pollen grains and dust mites, household dust also includes minuscule skin flakes and tiny fabric fibers. With any slight air current within the house, these tiny particles float right up and settle on all available surfaces.

Not only does it look unsightly, dust can also lead to exacerbation of various allergic conditions and other health issues. Here are some tips on ways to eliminate dust from your home:

  • Starting at the front door, put in place a strict ‘no-shoes’ rule inside the house. Provide a shoe cabinet or rack to keep outdoor shoes near the front door. Shoes contain hordes of germs, pollutants and sometimes even fecal matter. Ensure there is a coarse mat available to wipe your shoes after removing and before stowing them away. Clean the mat at least once a week.
  • Create a clutter-free home by not overdressing it with too much furniture, accessories or items that are rarely used. Overdoing it provides extra surfaces for dust to settle on and could get in the way of proper cleaning.
  • Villa homes are spacious and invite you to enhance their appearance with carpets and rugs. However, these are virtual dust sponges and bi-weekly vacuuming is mandatory to keep dust and dust mites to a minimum. The vacuum cleaner will be your best friend if you have carpets at home. You could also vacuum the curtains and upholstery twice a month.
  • For those with a villa home, there is sufficient outdoor space for you to hang out your blankets, rugs and carpets for airing as well as for a beating to get the dust out. Since villa owners also have the luxury of keeping furry pets, groom them regularly to reduce shedding.
  • Keeping the house dust-free involves use of the right type of cleaning materials. Use of dusters or dry rags only serves to spread the dust more, so use a damp microfiber cloth that attracts dust instead to keep your home dust-free. Mop the house daily and spring-clean once every three months.

Other ways to keep dust in control is by changing your bed linen every week, limiting the use of soft toys and washing them regularly, as well as installing air purifiers.

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