Top Home Organization Tips

Top Home Organization Tips - Under The Sun

Keeping your home well organized can get challenging but it is a do-able task. While there are no tried-and-tested strategies that work for every kind of home, neat and clutter-free home is key to having peace and harmony at home.

You will first need to identify the clutter hot-spots in your home and work out a practical approach towards minimizing the disorder. Here are some tips to help get your home more organized:

Clutter red flags

Areas like the entryway table, dining table, and even the kitchen counter are spaces where random things tend to accumulate rapidly. Make it a routine to clear away such spaces on a daily basis. Or you could create alternate spaces for common clutter items.


Most homes are cluttered with things that aren’t really needed. Get rid of things you haven’t used in a year. You can only start organizing your home after you have purged it off unnecessary stuff.

Make it Easier

The better organization also has to do with making organization easier. For example, use open containers for storage or uncovered laundry baskets. The fewer the steps involved in stowing away things, the greater the likelihood of staying organized.

Frequency of Use

Arrange things in their frequency of use. Things used on a daily basis should be kept in handy, easy-to-reach spaces while those used rarely can be stowed away to the back of cupboards or on higher shelves. Think of clothes for different seasons or commonly used kitchen items.

Smart storage

Empty out entire contents of cupboards and start storing similar items in clear-colored storage bins. If possible, label the boxes/bins so there is no fumbling around later on.


Create neatly spaced dividers in your drawers to keep the contents organized. This saves time when you are looking for specific items – be it in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom drawers!

Handy Discard bags

Keep a bag in your cupboard for things you no longer need and want to give away. This will prevent unused items from mixing with useful items – this is especially handy in children’s wardrobes.

Get Choosy

Be very careful about what you bring into your home. No point in having duplicate things or stuff that aren’t useful in your home.

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