Tips to Keep Your Villa Cool This Summer

Its that time of the year again when its summer and schools and colleges are closed, the kids are home and there are lots of activities and festivities abounding. However, the heat plays spoilsport sometimes and takes the fun away from the summer. The family gets cooped up indoors and cranking up the AC feels like the only positive thing left to do in life. But do keep in mind that amping up your energy bills not only makes a bigger hole in your pocket, but also contributes to greater greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

To keep your villa cool in a more environmental-friendly, here are a few tips:

Block Out the Heat

Nipping the heat problem in the bud means blocking the heat from entering your luxury villa. You could close your windows and curtains, especially those facing east or west during the daytime. Use thick block-out curtains or large awnings or big potted plants in front of the windows to keep the heat out. Paint your outer walls with light/white colored sun-protection paint. You could also think of tinting your glass windows or weather-proofing your roof/terrace.

Ceiling fans

Did you know that running your fans anti-clockwise during the summers creates a greater cooling effect as it pushes the air downwards. You could also try placing wide basins of water/ice water in the room, or splashing the curtains with water, so the fan further enhances the cooling effect.

AC Thermostat

By running your AC at just 24-270C, you can still improve the temperature of your room, without using up too much energy. And if you are planning to get a new AC, do look for one that has higher energy-star rating. Though it might be slightly more expensive, in the long run, it will save you a lot on energy.


Did you know that incandescent, halogen or CFL bulbs create a lot of heat? Its always better to switch to energy-saving LED bulbs which produce lesser heat, lower energy bills and don’t heat up your home’s interiors either!

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