Tips for Remodeling Bathrooms

bathroom remodelling

A thoughtfully-designed bathroom that meets all your needs perfectly is a great reason to smile. And if your bathroom doesn’t quite reach the mark, remodeling it to suit your tastes isn’t such a huge task either. As bathrooms are generally smaller than other rooms, they cost less to change flooring, paint, change tiles or install new cabinets. Here are some tips to guide you through bathroom remodeling:

Color palette

Dark colors make the bathroom feel claustrophobic so go with a light-colored palette. White or off-white makes smaller-sized bathrooms appear larger, so consider the size of your bathroom before finalizing on a color.

Wall tiles

To make the walls feel higher, tile your bathroom walls all the way to the ceiling level. Painting the ceiling the same shade of color further enhances the feeling of space. Larger-sized tiles also enhance the size of the bathroom.


Consider ways to enhance brightness in your bathroom. Aside from the overhead lamp, you could install some wall scones around the washbasin and mirror areas.


Go with hardy tiles that can withstand the daily traffic in the bathroom. While large ceramic and porcelain tiles work and look best, vinyl tiles or sheets do a good job too.


Large mirrors or more than one mirror in your bathroom will not only expand your bathroom space visually, but will also brighten it up with reflected light. Mirrors can also be used as décor items.


You would be surprised at the amount of things needed in a bathroom. Providing sufficient concealed storage keeps your bathroom look uncluttered and visually appealing. Consider installing wall cabinets for a more organized bathroom.

Wall hooks

These are a versatile feature that your bathroom cant do without. They can be used for hanging clothes, your bathrobe or even small towels next to the washbasin. You can place them behind the door, on the side of cabinets or some open space on the wall.

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