The vision of what a space should mean for its residents, the feelings it should evoke and the values it ought to be rooted in characterize the site plan. We believe that the depth of experience, sensitivity and balance is what make for a luxurious life.

Aligned to the concept of holistic living, the site is 100% Vasthu compliant In harmony with the elements.

Situated in a quiet, sheltered cul de sac, Under the Sun is home to more trees than people. A myriad mix of 2650 full grown fruit yielding trees, largely comprising of mango, besides bamboo, chikku, coconut, jackfruit and silver oak trees. With the vast protected lake bed alongside, the community will always nestle in the midst of untouched nature.

Each plot is bounded by trees on all sides and within, reminiscent of a lush tropical eco-retreat that allows an easy interaction with nature. The verdant profusion is blessed by an abundant availability of water including a large open well and 4 Bore wells

Tree Map of the Site

Jack fruit
Teak wood
Sandal wood
Mango tree 770
Coconut trees 910
Chikoo trees 480
Silver wood Bamboo 175