The Perks of Growing your Own Food

The Perks of Growing your Own Food - Under The Sun

There is so much joy in watching your plants grow, nurturing them right from the time you planted the seeds through the time they start fruiting and producing fresh food for your dinner table.

Gardening is a fun activity for the whole family and is also a great stress buster. Staying amidst greenery is great for soothing the mind and as a great hobby. The big plus to growing your own food is that you know exactly what’s going into your mouth. With most of the fruits and vegetables produced commercially being laced with potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides, it’s no wonder that certain diseases are on the rise.

Homegrown produce is healthier and more nutritious as they are plucked when they are fully mature and ripe. Fruits and vegetables sold in the market are plucked while they are still immature and forced to ripen artificially thereby losing their nutritive values in the process. Such foods also get to travel hundreds of miles by burning gallons of fossil fuel before they get to your table; hence you are saving on your carbon footprint by growing your own food.

And for those who have never had a kitchen garden or grown their own fresh vegetables and fruits, you don’t need a huge backyard, a tractor or years of experience to begin gardening either. Most villa homes come with a decent sized backyard where you can enjoy growing your own food. And with most parts of tropical India having plenty of sunlight, the weather is just perfect for cultivating organic vegetables and fruits. Here are some tips to keep in mind for growing your vegetable patch:

*Check the amount of space available at each plant has different space requirements.

*Ensure you have a rich soil mix. Add organic fertilizers like cow dung and compost to enrich your soil.

*Depending upon the amount of direct sunlight received, you can choose what vegetable seeds to buy.

*Watch over your plants daily as they grow. Protect them and the vegetables from harmful bugs.

The Perks of Growing your Own Food - Under The Sun

One of the best perks of living in a villa is the gardening space that comes with it. For those living in Bangalore, the ‘Under the Sun’ villas in Devanahalli is the best homes to buy. These divine villas are located within a fruiting orchard with each villa having its own selection of fruiting mango trees! There are ample spaces for growing your own vegetable garden or a flower patch here, and the weather is perfect too. There is also a community garden where plants which can be used for food and medicinal purposes are grown. Get more information about these villas here: