The Importance of Biophilic Homes

For those new to the term ‘Biophilia’, it refers to a love of life, or more specifically, living things. The term was originally coined by philosopher and psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm in the 1960’s. According to his theory, humans are an innate part of nature and integrated within a functional circle that makes up the ecosystem of the world.

For humans to be complete in all senses, they need to incorporate nature into their living environment. Modern lifestyles along with the excesses of pollution and toxins in the environment create illnesses and a disconnect from nature. Thus, living in biophilic homes that incorporate natural elements and living things into the design not only help in keeping us physically well, but also psychologically fit.

It’s well known that stress is one of the primary causes of health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, psychiatric disorders and even cancer. But the incidence of such conditions reduces significantly when humans spend time communing with nature. This makes it all the more important for man to overcome his increasing separation from Mother Nature.

The best way to live a wholesome life in integration with nature is to go with biophilic homes. If you are in Bangalore, then Fortius Infra is offering biophilic homes, ‘Under the Sun’ in Devanahalli. The 145 villas here is set in a densely canopied stretch of 30 acres of land, that is home to 2,650 mature fruiting trees. These innovatively-designed ‘Green’ homes are built around the trees in such a way that each room of the villa has a breathtaking view of the verdant greenery outside.

These villas bring the great outdoors into the home, offering peace of mind and a stress-free life. All Under the Sun villas have tree courtyards as well as water features that add nature into its inhabitant’s lives. Since these villas are very spacious with well over 4,300 square feet of built-up area, there is ample space for you to add your own share of natural elements by incorporating potted indoor plants, indoor gardens or even mini water fountains or waterfalls. Greenery and the sound of gurgling water soothe the mind.

You could go a step further and get a pet; an aquarium also does the job of changing the natural dynamics of these homes. Using wood or art décor reminiscent of nature also inspires biophilic feelings. Check here for more information on these biophilic villas: