The Age of Multi-functional Furniture!

It’s the age when more and more homeowners are opting for lifestyles that provide superior conveniences, open-plan homes and multi-functional furnishings. With many Indian homes adopting open-plan homes, the need for furniture that can play multiple roles is on the rise.

Multi-functional furniture is enjoying a revival period, merging fashionably with modern home designs. These furniture don’t just work hard, they work smart too. With the increasing focus on convenience lifestyles, furniture that can perform more than one function is definitely in – and worth the money as well. With the inclusion of innovative technology, a table could be small during the day and extend into a dinner table by night.

The design of such furniture not only has to look appealing, but also needs to be space conserving. Space is a major constraint in urban homes these days due to expanding populations and shrinking land parcels. Saving on space by having a single piece of furniture perform two or more functions means you can settle for fewer pieces of furniture and hence less cramping of much-needed space.

Greater availability of space and nifty-looking pieces of modernistic multi-functional furniture designs is what the current generation of homeowners need. Furniture that can take on multiple avatars in response to your changing needs is the answer to the spatially challenged 21st century homes. This way, you can actually move around your home without feeling stifled constantly.

Far from looking utilitarian, multi-functional furniture pieces are designed to be very eye-catching. Most of such multi-use pieces are customized to fit into the available space. You can have tables that fold into the wall and even customized wall beds that can be tucked away during the daytime and pulled out of the wall at night.

Investing in multi-functional furniture also minimizes clutter and makes it easier to keep the home clean. Less furniture also means less lifting and cleaning around corners.

And for those people who love to entertain, dual purpose furniture means you can invest in extendable console tables to seat extra guests and later on fold them back to minimize space. Custom-built storage spaces under beds or tables have been around for some time now and newer avatars of multi-functional furniture are in the offing.

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