Suburban Rail System for Bangalore

Suburban Railway Bangalore

Finally, a dedicated suburban railway service has been approved for Bangalore.

This will address the burgeoning traffic snarls in the city and provide the necessary infrastructure for the ever-growing population of the city.

This suburban railway connectivity is an important development considering the fact that it has been in the pipeline for decades now. This upcoming service is the offshoot of various city groups persistently requesting for a solution to the city’s huge traffic problems. The matter is now awaiting final clearance from the Union Cabinet following which the implementation will start.

With the commencement of this suburban train service, many areas in North Bangalore will become better integrated with the city. This will also create a greater demand for properties in north Bangalore where land is comparatively cheaper and has the additional attraction of lower congestion, larger homes and lower pollution. Locations like Devanahalli are hotbeds for real estate development currently, with major company offices coming up here along with posh residential projects.

With the suburban train connectivity, there will be an improvement in the quality of life too as people will spend less time commuting and will be able to spend more quality time with their families. Furthermore, the proposed suburban rail project covering northern parts of the city will have a stop at Devanahalli. The KIAL is planning to provide a shuttle service from this point to the airport.

The classy ‘Under the Sun’ villas nestled within a 30-acre verdant fruiting orchard are also located in Devanahalli and feature unmatched residential homes meant for the discerning members of society. These villa homes are strategically located about 5.5km from the Bangalore International Airport flyover and just about 2km from NH7. The easy connectivity, proximity to the airport, lack of congested spaces as well as minimal pollution, further add to the value of these villas, making them hot properties to invest in. The right time to invest here is now.