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Smart Home Furniture - Under The Sun

Most cities are being inundated by a growing urban population, resulting in space constraints and increasingly smaller homes. To tackle this issue, homeowners are opting for the open-floor home plans where there are less of dividing walls thus giving an impression of more space.

Another area that has been witnessing an evolution is home furnishing. To merge seamlessly with the open-floor plans of modern Indian homes, the furniture is also getting smarter and performing multiple functions. Popularly known as ‘smart’ furniture, such transformable pieces are known for their sleek, artistic designs that can blend well with modern forms of decor. Quality, style, durability and multi-functionality are the key features of these smart furnishings.

  • To suit the current lifestyles of convenience, smart furnishings make use of innovative technologies that enables them to perform more than one function.
  • While transformable furniture maybe a little more expensive than traditional single-purpose furnishing, these space-saving smart furnishings are worth their weight in gold as they counter space crunches seamlessly.
  • A challenge for smart furniture designers is that such furnishings need to be aesthetic in appearance as well as functionally sturdy. It should present a normal facade but be able to transform into its dual-use with minimal effort by the user.
  • Smart furniture allows for greater open spaces and makes cleaning of the home easier. Less furniture also means fewer corners and less shifting of furniture while cleaning.
  • When your home has less furniture or more-compact furniture, then the inner spaces will appear less cluttered and more elegant in appearance.

Examples of transformable, smart furniture include beds that can fold up into the wall during the daytime or beds that are sofas capable of opening-out into a sleeping space. Smart beds also include bunk beds and beds with built-in storage spaces beneath them, offering you that much-needed space. Similarly, there are smart tables available that can be pulled out from under the kitchen counter to form a breakfast bar or tables that have extendable panels for those times when you have guests and need a bigger table. Then there are smart coffee tables with storage spaces beneath them or chairs that stack into one another artistically when not needed.

The types of smart furnishing are unlimited, but if you are moving into spacious villas like the ‘Under the Sun’ villas in Devanahalli, Bangalore, then you are in luck. These well-planned homes nestled within a fruit orchard will need smart furnishing only if it complements your decorating theme! Find more information about them here: