Simple Ways to Make Your Villa Feel Like Home

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While moving into a new villa home is exciting, the first few weeks do tend to feel a little awkward – as if you were in someone else’s home! When you move in, the house is just an empty shell; it’s the personal touches that you add which make it into a warm and cozy haven called home. Here are a few ideas to help speed up the process of making your villa feel more like home:

Potted plants

Adding potted greenery not only improves the air quality but also adds a pleasant feel to your space. It makes your villa feel more homely as well as boosts the mood of the inhabitants.


Bare walls make a home feel impersonal. Put your personal stamp on your walls by hanging your favorite works of art. The same goes for those empty corners and shelves. Fill them up with photo frames and décor items that add a point of interest as well as reflect your personality.

Window dressing

This is a major feature in every room of your home. Attractive drapes instantly change the feel of a room. Venetian blinds look boring on your windows; curtains, on the other hand add a luxurious feel to your room, especially if they are floor length.

Throw pillows

Sinking into a pile of soft throw pillows feels so comforting and homely. Invest in some mix-and-match colored throw pillows to instantly soften the feel of your living room – the more the better!


Another difference between house and home is in the aroma. Homes always smell of delicious home-cooked meals or some favorite air freshener or incense. This is the easiest way to make your villa feel more like home.

Fresh flowers

Your home will definitely feel homier with a vase full of fresh flowers in it. Their gorgeous look immediately enhances the mood, aside from brightening up space.

And if you buy an ‘Under the Sun’ villa, you won’t have to work so hard to make them homely. Nestled within a verdant fruit orchard in Devanahalli, Bangalore, these villas provide ample visions of green vistas to inspire you daily! Get more information here: