Simple Tricks for Getting Your Home Organized

Home Decluttering Tips

A neat and uncluttered home inspires peace and tranquility as well as a visual feel of space. Keeping the home well-organized at all times also ensures minimum wastage of time spent in looking for things – aside from having your home always ready for guests. Here are some great ideas on getting your home organized:


The first step to organizing is getting rid of clutter. Make an inventory of stuff lying around and throw away expired things, keep things you use regularly and give away what you don’t. De-cluttering first also means lesser things to organize!

Sort by category

Placing similar things together into one place in the house is another way of getting organized. It also lets you know how much of each thing you have and what you need to get rid of.

Designate space

The smart way out for staying organized is by storing things right where you will be using them. For example, there is no point in storing something in the bedroom while its usage is only in your living room!

Storage options

Make storage easier. Easy-to-access storage spaces such as drawers and open bins are more likely to be used for stowing away. If you had to store things in less easy-to-reach spaces or covered bins, there is greater likelihood of their not being used as you don’t always have the time, energy or patience.

Frequency of use

Items used daily should be visible, easy to access and stored at eye-level. Less frequently stuff like luggage, festive dinnerware or seasonal clothes can be stored out of the way at higher levels.

Rotating trays

These storage saviors are incredibly practical, whether used in the kitchen cabinet, dining table or kids playroom.

Eliminate clutter hot-spots

Flat surfaces such as the entryway table, dining table and kitchen counter are hot-spots for clutter collection. Providing correct storage spaces like shelves, bins, cupboards and wall hooks prevent this from happening!

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