Show Pieces, Sculptures & Art to Enhance Your Home Décor

The coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive, to say the least. With more people spending their time at home to prevent the spread of the virus, homes, and how we decorate it has come into focus.

We went back to the basics of personalizing our home and setting up cheery home offices. Chic is in. And so is the touch of the traditional. Zen-inspired settings, multifunctional spaces earthy tones are all in and this trend will continue into 2021 too is what the industry experts say. We take a look at how showpieces, sculpture, and art inspired the home decor – both inside the homes and outside.

Art has always added a touch of personalization to our homes. Be it modern, abstract, or traditional has always been a trend. Using nature in art, also known as nature-inspired art, has always been popular due to its approach in using neutral things that are familiar with people. It could involve different elements of nature such as leaves, woods, and water, to create a piece of artwork. At Fortius Infra’s project Under The Sun, we let nature paint a happy picture for you. Enjoy a nature-inspired lifestyle at this sprawling property.

Showpieces: With people having more time in hand, DIY art is also catching up. And what better way to showcase the work you are proud of creating than displaying it in your home? The home decor has changed significantly over the last couple of months to sport the creativity of the family members.

Sculpture: Mainly Zen-inspired ones are making a huge comeback. And if you are thinking of redoing the sculptures at your home at Under the Sun, we suggest you go in for a water element to add to the serenity. With clean modern lines and simple form that present a counterpoint to the natural setting, Fortius Infra’s Under the Sun project gives you ample spaces to show off your sculptures picked up from your globetrotting lifestyles. Throw in a Zen Inspired sculpture in the naturally ventilated entrance foyer, or on the outdoor spaces that extend outside to give you a comprehensive view.

We also provide you with an expert team to execute your creative ideas. Call us for more details.