Should You Invest in an Ongoing Project?

Should You Invest in an Ongoing Project - Under The Sun

Buying a home comes with its own share of questions and doubts. One of the commonest questions that crop up in a homebuyer’s mind is whether to invest in an ongoing project or in a ready-to-move-in project. This is worth serious deliberation and here are some reasons why you should opt for ongoing projects:

More Affordable

Interestingly enough, ongoing or ‘under-construction’ projects offer more attractive and greater discounts. Ongoing projects can offer discounts up to 30-40%, thus enabling you to opt for higher range properties at the same cost as ready-to-move-in properties. To reap maximum benefits, however, one should invest in the pre-launch or early stages of construction. The recovery on such investments is also higher due to the lower entry costs.

Better Payment Plans

Ready-to-move-in homes require lump sum payment which is usually divided between the homeowner and the loaner bank. But with ongoing projects, buyers get attractive payment options such as time-linked plans, construction-linked plans, and flexible payment plans. This method of paying in installments is more buyer-friendly giving the investor more time to plan out their finances. Another important plus is that the loan amount taken is smaller, hence the EMIs are also smaller and of a shorter duration.

Greater Choice

The homeowner also gets to have more chance of choosing from the choicest plots available in case of villa homes or the desired units in case of apartment homes. Ready-to-move-in homebuyers don’t get much choice as the best homes would already be blocked by the early birds.


When investing in ongoing projects, the homebuyer has greater chances of having certain aspects of the home modified as per their own unique needs and Vaastu. This obviously isn’t possible for those opting for ready-to-move-in villas as the construction phase is already over. Aside from this, the investor can also monitor the construction phase of his home and know exactly what went into its building.


Thanks to the introduction and implementation of RERA, the government now backs you fully. If the construction company doesn’t deliver the home within the stipulated time limit, the builder is obliged to refund all the money paid by you along with interest!

Hence, the earlier insecurities of venturing into ongoing projects are nullified with RERA and homebuyers can now reap double benefits. For those on the lookout for outstanding villa homes, check out the ‘Under the Sun’ villas by Fortius Infra, in Devanahalli, Bangalore. Located within a fruiting orchard, these elite villas make the best homes. Find more information here: