Rainwater Harvesting at Home

Rainwater Harvesting at Home - Under The Sun

Water is a precious natural commodity that is fast dwindling due to non-sustainable practices of mankind, resulting in an adversely changing climate. Many large cities are running out of the water, especially during the hot summer months. A viable solution to this growing dilemma of the water crisis is rainwater harvesting.

Rainwater is one of the purest sources of freshwater that is suitable for human consumption. Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice that has been going on for many centuries past. It is a sustainable solution to the ongoing water crisis and is viable for both urban and rural areas. Rainwater runoff from roofs of homes is suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural consumption.

Modern home building rules stipulate the integration of a rainwater harvesting system in new homes to aid in recharging groundwater as well as for storage and domestic use. This water can be used for gardening or car washing purposes, toilet flushing, washing clothes, bathing and even for drinking after appropriate filtration.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Installing a rainwater harvesting system is more of a plumbing job than a hi-fi technical job that doesn’t require any special skills. In urban locations, it consists of the following:

Catchment Area:

This refers to the area which receives the water and includes the rooftop of homes which could be RCC sloping roofs, terraces or corrugated sheets.

Conveyance System:

Gutters or pipes attached to the edges of the roof help to transport the runoff rainwater from the roof to the ground level. The most economical are PVC pipes with a mesh attached at the point of entry of water to prevent debris from entering into the harvest system.


Harvested rainwater is stored in PVC barrels, cisterns or tanks. A second tank with filtration facilities can also be installed.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Promotes water conservation and is excellent for recharging groundwater.
  • It reduces dependency on groundwater and municipal water supply.
  • The system becomes especially significant where groundwater is contaminated with chemicals or fertilizers, etc.
  • Reduces water runoff and diminishes soil erosion.
  • It provides a valuable source of water in case of emergencies.

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