Medical Facilities in North Bangalore

medical facilities in north bangalore

Medical Institutions have been referred to as anchor institutions when it comes to community development. They play a huge role in the social and economic vitality of the city you reside in. In addition to employing thousands, they are an absolute necessity for a peaceful, healthy life.

In these troubled times, the focus is on healthcare and your proximity to it. A health issue can crop up at any time. It can happen to you or your loved ones. Be it a medical emergency or a planned treatment, it is a stressful process. Having a hospital nearer your home reduces stress levels. And, in case of an emergency, you have to reach the hospital or the healthcare workers within the golden hour. This is something you have to factor in when you are thinking of investing in a home. And thus, proximity to health care facilities should take the center stage when you are thinking about investing in a home.

When you stay at Under The Sun by Fortius Infra, we offer you a great place to relax in. The spread of amenities at ‘Under the Sun’ is driven by a sense of finding holistic ways to let residents de-stress and take a pause from the pressures of daily life. We provide opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and social interaction. Waterfront promenades, lotus ponds, Zen gardens, and a meditative zone paint the soulscape with the colors of ease. Cycle trails, a wellness path, and a putting garden let you set a course to a healthier lifestyle. However, health issues might crop up that need care from a medical professional. Do not worry, help is not far away.

North Bangalore has some of the best hospitals in the city. And they are close to Fortius Infra’s Under the Sun project. The main hospitals of repute are Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Aster CMI, Hebbal Baptist Hospital, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals, Shri Shirdi Sai Hospital. You can get in touch with us for more details.