Maximizing Outdoor Spaces in Your Villa Design

Your home may be your haven, but there comes a point when you want to escape into the outdoors for a breathe of fresh air. For those in apartments, there is the limitation of a balcony, but for those who buy villas in Bangalore, there is ample outdoor space for a getaway. You can make your outdoors even more inviting by making it an extension of your villa. Here’s a look at some ideas:

Build an Arbor or Pergola

Arbor decks or pergolas can be built in your front or backyard and can work as an extension of your living spaces. The enclosure gives you a sense of privacy as well as a space to enjoy the summer breeze. These enclosures also make great extension spaces for your parties to spill outdoors.

Vertical Gardens

Creating a living green wall is an ideal way to gain a little privacy from your neighbors as well as adding an area of depth and interest in your outdoor spaces. In accordance with the amount of sunlight available, you can plant climbers or creepers, hanging baskets or multiple levels of evergreens for the tropical forest look.

Multi-functional Spaces

Make your outdoor spaces more functional and inviting by creating a seating area with compact furniture and adding some creative lighting for evenings spent outdoors. You could go one step further and add a small barbeque or grill corner for cookout nights.

Add a Water Feature

The tinkling or splashing sound of water is the perfect magnet to draw everyone’s attention outdoors. Water features such as small waterfalls, fountains or small-scale koi ponds, all add serenity and depth to your outdoor spaces. Choose a feature in keeping with the extent of outdoor space available and pep it up with some interesting lighting and a seating arrangement nearby!

Embrace Your Space

And if you want to keep it simple, you could always just focus around whatever outstanding feature you have in your yard. You could build an all-weather circular bench seat around any big tree. Add flagstones or pavement stones nearby for placing additional seating or a table – and your outdoor dining area is ready!

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