Mangoes & Memories – And You Can Relive Them Here

Summer, Mangoes & Memories – And You Can Relive Them Here

There was a time not so long ago when having trees around your home was the standard and not the exception. Where vacations and weekends would be spent lounging on the thick barks of mango trees while relishing the sweetness of mangoes and the shade of the green canopy. With the march of urbanisation many of us are far removed from these sweet memories.

The Rising Trend of Living In Villas

Imagine if you could gift your next generation such memories. Imagine if you could wake up every morning to chirping bird songs carried by the winds that bear the smell of the nearby fruit trees.

Wouldn’t you want to live a life that manifests itself as one endless, joyful vacation?

It is possible!

Like in many cities, Bangalore too is moving away from the bustle of the main city towards the more quiet, yet well-connected city fringes. Realtors have seen a spike in interest for North Bangalore within the past few years, due to enhanced connectivity via the Outer Ring Road (ORR), proximity to the international airport and quick access to the Central Business District.

Since there are larger parcels of land available, many builders offer villa projects in North Bangalore. And more people are investing in homes that boast of open green vistas and better quality of living which is not bound by the four walls.

Presenting Spacious Villas Within Orchards in North Bangalore


Summer, Mangoes & Memories – And You Can Relive Them Here

The contemporary villas at Under the Sun take the concept of stress-free, indulgent living to the next level. Despite the bustling of Bangalore, our villas are bound to give its residents tranquil ambience and the utmost comfort with an architecture that is modern and in sync with Vasthu principles.

Ensconced within a myriad mix of 2650 full-grown fruit yielding trees, largely consisting of mango trees, the 30 acre land parcel abounds in bamboo, chikku, coconut and jackfruit trees as well. These trees surround and shape the unique 145 plots offered at Under the Sun and the villas start from 4250 sft size. The site adjoins a 500 acre protected lake bed that further complements the vision of wide open spaces.

We believe that a luxurious life lies in the details. And we invite you to make everyday beautiful at Under the Sun – Villas by Fortius Infra. Click here to book a site visit.