Make your Home Pet-Friendly

Make your Home Pet-Friendly - Under The Sun

Owning a pet is the beginning of a long & special relationship. Whether your pet is furry, feathered or finned, a lot of responsibility goes into its care & well being . And it’s not just the food for your pet that matters, but also the type of home that you provide for it.

Being a pet owner means you will first need to ensure that your home is pet-friendly and provides a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. Here is a list of dos and don’ts to keep your pet contented.

  • The first change most pet owners make is to get rid of carpets and rugs as they can easily become breeding ground for fleas. Hard anti-skid flooring is ideal for cats and dogs as there will be minimal scratching of your floor aside from preventing slips or falls.
  • Your home décor is next in line for changes. It’s always better to go with sofas having upholstery that can be removed and laundered once in a while. You could also use a protective sofa covering that can be removed when guests are expected. To prevent soiling of the furniture or the floor, you need to potty train your pet from day one and provide them with a designated area for dining, sleeping and toilet needs.
  • To keep your pet safe, place barricades on stairs to prevent them from climbing up or down unattended. You also need to put a mesh on all upper floor windows and balconies to keep your pet from jumping out.
    Furthermore, cats need to sharpen their claws; provide them with a scratch pad so they don’t damage your furniture instead!
    You also need to keep small objects, medicines, food, wiring as well as dustbins and kitchen bins away from your pets. They could become lethal for them.
  • Your household cleaning fluids also pose a real danger to your pets; ensure they are out of reach.
  • And unknown to many, there are some indoor plants too that can be poisonous for your pets. Talk to a professional to find out the plants that aren’t too pet-safe.
  • For feathered pets, keep the birdcage away from drafts or direct light. Keep the cage preferably backing a wall- so they feel safe.
  • For finned pets, ensure that the aquarium isn’t facing bright lights or open to loud noises. The water used should be dechlorinated too.

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