Make your Dining Room Feel Warm and Inviting

dining room tips

The dining room is where warm meals are shared with family and friends, a cheerful place where memories are made and time well-spent together. An ideal dining room should be warm, inviting and comfortable. And you can create this perfect space by focusing more on texture, colors and furnishing, than on decoration.

Here’s a look at ways to make your dining room feel more inviting:

Colors – The predominant color in a dining room matters when it comes to creating a warm feeling. Its better to go with lively colors like yellow, orange or earthy shades. Green is another nice option with its calm and relaxing feel. Cool colors like blue are best avoided in this room. And for the perfectly classy look, go with neutral shades and woodsy accents.

Lighting – Using sheer drapes on dining room windows makes the room bright, sunny and welcoming – an ideal combination for long, drawn out weekend breakfasts and lunches. Alternatively, you could just use yellow curtains to brighten up the space. You should also think of investing in warm-hued hanging lights over the dining table to create a staging effect. Overhead chandeliers immediately draw the eye to the dining table, which is the centerpiece.

Cozy – You can add a cozy and warm feel to your dining room by adding a soft area rug under the dining table. The pattern on your rug can balance out the room’s decor further by mimicking the personality of the room. The rug can also be used to balance out the aesthetics of a modern dining room.

Dining table – This is the centerpiece of the dining room and should stand out. Choose tables made of eye-catching materials or of interesting shapes with ornate or an unusual base. Round-shaped tables enable stimulate conversations and better interaction.

Floral patterns – These are more traditional and can be replicated in the curtains, tablecloth or rug. They make a space appear comfortable, beautiful and inviting. Adding fresh flowers on the table further enhances this feeling.

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