Interiors And The Golden Rules Of Proportion

Golden Rules Of Propostion

Decorating your home can be fun as you let loose the creative genie inside you; you will, however, need to follow a few important tips that have got to do with scale and proportion. These two factors put together are crucial in making or breaking your ideas of interior decor. They need to be incorporated in a balanced way to help you achieve a perfectly harmonious interior. Here are some pointers to guide you:

What is scale and proportion

While scale refers to the size of an object, proportion refers to the relationship between two or more objects existing within the same space. The room will only look great when the scale and proportion of the furnishing and decor are just right – that is, neither too big nor too small. If the furnishing is too large, the room can appear cramped and when it’s too small, the room will lack its cosy appeal.

Common mistakes

Most people are unaware that having furnishing of the same height and colouring in a room will create a boring look. This can, however, be easily rectified. Fabricate visual interest by adding a high bookshelf that serves as storage as well as a display space. Alternatively, you could add pendant lighting to add more points of interest in a room.

Mix and match

While there is no guiding rule on proportion, adding elements of different heights, patterns, textures and colours bring in a greater visual interest in a room.

Carpets and rugs

A small rug with a large sofa to ground it aren’t proportionate. The rug shouldn’t end at the sofa’s front legs, but around the back legs. This helps ground the furniture proportionately. 


The best proportion of colour use falls in the ratio of 60:30:10. The 60 refers to the main colour which includes walls, sofa/bed and rug. The 30 refers to the colour of smaller furnishings like curtains, side chairs or bed linen and should complement the main colour. The 10% is your accessories, art décor or throw pillows.


Wall hangings should be at a height such that their centre is at eye level. Also, ensure that they aren’t too large or too small for the wall. Proportion makes a big difference here.

Side tables

Large sofas invite larger side tables than smaller sofas. Similarly, king-size beds need bigger bedside tables than queen-sized beds.

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