Under the Sun has been accorded the prestigious ‘Platinum Pre-Certification’ by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), corresponding to the Platinum Rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) of the US Green Building Council.

Platinum Rating represents the highest rating available under the green building scheme, which indicates superior performance under the six key categories - Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

The key highlights of Under The Sun is 50% cross ventilation, enhanced day lighting, enhanced fresh air ventilation as well as achieving full credit for enhanced energy performance criteria.

  • Provision of space for waste disposal and collection of recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic and metals.
  • Contracts established with recycling agents.
  • Provision of organic waste management systems for treating and reusing waste.
  • Materials with a high percentage of recycled content or locally available products used to reduce exploitation of virgin materials.

  • Each villa is designed to harvest natural lighting cutting the use of artificial lighting through the day and encouraging energy conservation.
  • Energy efficient buildings reduces heat ingress into the villa.
  • Provision of solar water heater systems in each villa.

  • Protection of soil and ecosystems at every step during the construction process.
  • Provision of battery charging stations at regular intervals to promote the use of alternative and low emission vehicles.
  • Covered and shaded car parks, walkways and other hard scape areas to reduce heat island effects.
  • Reflective roofs to reduce heat islands, minimize impact on microclimate and reduce heat ingress into your home.
  • An Inclusively designed development that accommodates differently-abled people and ensures easy access across the property.

  • 100% waste water generated and reused onsite for landscaping, flushing and other custodial purposes.
  • Rain water harvesting tank and pits have been provided to ensure conservation of water.
  • All landscaping areas have been planted with adaptive species of vegetation which require little or no irrigation.
  • Low flow and efficient water fixtures in each villas help reduce potable water consumption