How to Start a Sustainable Lifestyle?

How to Start a Sustainable Lifestyle

Spurred on by climatic changes on a global scale, the conversation on sustainable living is fast picking up pace in every sphere of life. Sustaining our environment in a state in which the demands put on it can be met without fringing on its ability to allow the present and future generations from living well should be the ultimate goal. Sustainable living has a positive impact on the environment and if you are wondering how you could contribute your bit towards saving the environment, here’s a short brief to help get you started:


Sustainable living means practising habits that prevent you from depleting natural resources such as rivers and trees. Water conservation methods are becoming a must in all new buildings with rainwater harvesting being given its due importance. This has been in practice for many centuries and can provide a source of clean water during the dry summer months.


Bathwater and washbasin water can be recycled to water the garden or wash the car. Similarly, recycle the newspapers and used books to save more trees from being cut down.


Go with homes that let in more natural light and reduce your dependence on electricity. Homes with solar panels are an example of a clean, renewable source of energy. Opt for well-ventilated homes that let the breeze circulate through your home. Cutting down on your use of electricity not only reduces your electricity bills but also saves the resources required to provide power for your homes.


To promote sustainable living, opt for washable kitchen towels and kerchiefs instead of using paper towels or tissues. This helps in saving money and the use of fewer natural resources. Similarly, go with reusable bags when shopping to reduce dependence on plastics and multiple packaging. Reusable water bottles are a more sustainable option too as compared to single-use disposable water bottles that eventually gets into our food chain and cause harm.

Grow Your Food

Growing your own food at home is a more sustainable form of living. It not only cuts your grocery bills but ensures you consume organic, chemical-free products. Though you can successfully grow your vegetables and herbs on windowsills and balconies in apartments, villa homes present better opportunities and greater spaces to grow your own food.

The ‘Under the Sun’ villas located within a green fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, Bangalore, provide unbelievable options for sustainable living. These green homes with Platinum pre-certification by IGBC have 50% greater cross-ventilation, enhanced day-lighting and facilities for rainwater harvesting and solar panels. Find more information on them here: