How to Organize Your Home

Home Organisation

Everyone wants a home that looks beautifully organized just like those in the glossy magazines. While it’s fine to want a home like that, you need to keep in mind your lifestyle, habits and personal tastes. The main ways of getting organized and reducing visual noise in your home include some of the following tried-and-tested strategies that are known to work: 


With time, most people end up collecting things that are not even in use anymore. Letting go of clutter is the first step towards an effective organization. Throw out all expired food products, medicines or bathroom items. The same goes for clothes that don’t fit anymore. This way you end up getting more breathing space which allows you to organize better.  


Have bins for storing similar things that would otherwise be scattered around. For example, you could keep the kid’s toys categorized into different bins with a separate one for their arts and crafts, hence teaching them to stay organized from an early age.


Getting organized doesn’t have to be boring. Use the same type of cheerful storage containers which can be a set of attractive rattan baskets, colourful bins, jars or matching boxes. Their attractiveness will get you using them even if you felt lazy about it!  


You can use shelves for so many purposes including for displaying your mementoes or pretty artworks. But having too many items on display leads to chaos; you could get rid of some, or you could rotate them and display them at separate times. 

Clutter hotspots

Certain parts of the home such as the kitchen worktop, the dining table or high-traffic areas are more likely to get bogged down with clutter. By simply placing a couple of storage bins in such areas, you can get neater spaces. 

Create sections

Instead of having messy drawers, create sections to store your spice bottles or cutlery in the kitchen or knick-knacks in your cloth drawer. This way, it’s easier to find things as well as make optimal use of space. The same goes for your cupboards too where you can create separate compartments.


Organize your pantry into sections – the rice and pasta together, all cans together, breakfast items like oats and cereals together, the different type of flours in pretty jars together, etc. Finally, throw out the expired foods and the foods no one wants. 

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