How to Keep your Home Smelling Divine Naturally

Your senses are linked to your brain and affects your mood accordingly. The sense of smell especially is linked to the emotional center in the brain so when you walk into a home that has a divine fragrance, your mood is bound to get affected pleasantly. So why not take the time out to ensure that your home smells nice.

There are a number of commercial fragrances to choose from in the market, it’s however healthier to avoid them altogether as they are loaded with chemicals that could aggravate allergies. Why not go with natural fragrances to enhance the ambiance of your home? Here are some alternatives to help keep your home smelling divine 24×7:

Coffee – The aroma of coffee is stimulating as well as inviting to the senses. Freshly brewed coffee can overpower even the strong smells of onions and garlic. You could even place coffee grounds in kitchen waste bins to reduce the garbage stench.

Essential oils – These are harmless extracts from aromatic herbs and spices and are completely natural. You could mix a few drops with water and spray into the air for an instant divine fragrance.

Scented candles – Aside from being decorative, they fill rooms with a wonderful aroma. However when buying aroma candles, go for those made with beeswax and perfumed with essential oils.

Home-made air fresheners – Making your own air fresheners is the best way to go. You could mix food essences like vanilla or orange with a little water and spray it without worrying about harmful chemicals. Alternatively, you could place lime, lemon or oranges in attractive mason jars and place them in key areas for crispy freshness.

Air freshener gels – You can make them at home by mixing your favorite essential oil with gelatin and placing in a small jar.

Potpourri – They are an excellent and aesthetic way to add an amazing fragrance to your home. You can even make your own DIY version by mixing your favorite herbs, dried fruits, dried flowers, barks, spices and essential oils.

Simmer pot – The age-old trick to get your home smelling great is by simmering some herbs or spices! You could use lime halves, orange rind or cinnamon and cloves.

Fresh air – The best way of course is by opening the windows and letting in the sun and a breath of fresh air.

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