How to Keep Your Elderly Family Members and Kids Safe at Home During the Pandemic

family safety at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global population, more so the elderly. With lockdowns, travel bans, schools closing their doors and ‘work-from-home’ becoming the new norm, there is unprecedented fear and uncertainty amongst people.

Even though the virus is affecting all age groups, its the elderly who are at greater risk and facing more challenges. Kids too are finding it difficult to stay home instead of being out and about.

The Elderly

This age group faces significant risk of developing severe illnesses and greater complications due to their underlying health conditions. Hence, it is essential that the elderly remain at home and maintain social distancing. Nurturing a positive mindset is also important when social interaction becomes limited for them. Some ways to keep your elderly family members safe and well at home include the following:

Ensure they have their regular supply of medicines.
Run errands for them and deliver their groceries
Teach them how to go online for video chatting
Encourage them to stay connected with friends over phone
Motivate them to take up DIY projects or gardening
Find doctors who offer tele-medicine services for their needs
If they aren’t living with you, contact them often
Practice social distancing with them, not social isolation
If you aren’t available, identify one person who can be there for them


Keeping children safe and occupied at home is another big challenge during this pandemic. They are used to going to school daily, meeting friends and hanging out. While online classes keep them busy for a while, the rest of the day becomes a drag.
Encourage them to play indoor games
Limit their screen time
Involve them in DIY projects
Encourage them to video-chat with their friends
Get them playing outdoors too

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