How to Keep Your Elderly Family Members and Kids Safe at Home During the Pandemic

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A traditional Indian home is usually multi-generational and includes, grandparents, parents and children. While such a family system has many benefits, it is a nagging source of worry too during this pandemic period. For those who need to step out, it becomes a challenge ensuring that they don’t bring the virus home to their loved ones, especially the elderly and the kids.

The unprecedented fear and anxiety created by the pandemic affect the family’s elders more as they are more vulnerable to serious illnesses. Children are also finding it difficult to stay cooped up at home all day with their only interaction with the outer world being limited to online presence. Here are some tips to help get your multi-generational family through the restrictions posed by the pandemic:

*Staying connected and staying entertained are two important ways to ensure your family’s mental health. Make sure your family has access to internet-enabled devices so they can remain connected to their close friends and become a support for one another. This works for both the elders and the kids.

*Developing a hobby during this stressful time is another great way of ensuring your family stays safe at home. Cooking, DIY projects and gardening are some fun ideas. Nurturing plants is known to be a great stress-buster and is ideal for both the young and old. Those living in villas can avail of this benefit as they have more outdoor space for gardening as compared to apartment dwellers.

*With the family being home all day, they can create better bonds by spending quality time indulging in group activities that include playing various games too.

*And for those who have to step outside the home, they will need to practice complete hygiene to ensure the safety of those at home. Immediately upon getting home, discard outdoor clothes safely and take a shower before mingling with the family.

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