How to Install a Water Feature Like a Backyard Waterfall in Your Villa Garden

villa with waterfall

There is something so soothing about the sound of trickling waterfalls that is so healing to the soul. And having your own personal waterfall in your villa garden can be an awesome experience. The ancient sciences of Vastu and Feng shui also promote the use of flowing water as it is related to abundance of prosperity, positivity and happiness.

Aside from improving the aesthetics of your garden, having a waterfall feature also enhances the ambiance of your outdoor living spaces. Trickling water not only attracts humans, but also birds and butterflies, bringing in new elements into your garden. Outdoor waterfalls are becoming an increasingly popular feature in villa homes and come in all shapes and sizes. And installing one in your own garden doesn’t necessarily have to be a very expensive endeavor either.

Interestingly, waterfall features make your garden feel larger than it actually is, as it gives the impression that the source of their water is located further away. The reality is that the water source is directly below the waterfall itself. The technology involved in installing a waterfall is simple as all that is needed is a hidden pump system and some PVC pipe to direct the water back to the waterfall source. The aesthetics for the waterfall are all your own. You can have a waterfall seemingly pouring out of a scone in an otherwise boring-looking wall, or it could be from a collection of pretty rocks, representing a natural-looking brook.

You could get more creative and add some pretty fishes to the pond too, to add another point of interest to your waterfall. Almost anything can be upcycled to be included into your waterfall feature. These could include old watering cans, large pots, tubs, urns, etc. As a highlight for the evenings, you could add strategically-placed lights to create a magical focal point!

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