How to Create a Garden Workspace in Your Villa

Garden office ideas

With the ongoing pandemic, working from home has become the new norm. Office-goers have finally been given the chance to spend more time with their families. However, this requires setting up a home office, an island of peace in the humdrum of daily life. A niche where you can focus your mind on official matters without getting distracted.

For those lucky enough to have an outdoor garden attached to their villa homes, you can easily set up an inspiring garden workspace. Exchanging four walls for trees, shrubs and flowers is great for mental health and improve concentration. Outdoor lounge areas can be doubled up as workspaces where soothing sights and sounds of nature boost creativity and productivity. Here are some tips on creating an ideal garden workspace:

Block the glare

One of the hardest things about working outdoors is the glare on your laptop screen. Instead of constantly shifting your chair to escape the sun’s rays, invest in a cantilevered umbrella. This will greatly enhance your work experience on a bright sunny day.


Choosing ergonomically designed seating is vital to your posture when sitting down for hours on the laptop. Ensure that the table is the right height too so you don’t up straining your neck. Go with cushioned seating and a table large enough for a laptop, a couple of files and your coffee mug!


There is nothing like weak internet coverage to spoil your day. Use a Wi-Fi booster to amplify coverage to your garden area.

Laptop stand

Take care of your wrists, neck and posture by investing in a laptop stand that tilts the keyboard and raises the screen.


Have a zoom call or greet your colleagues surrounded by lush greenery and you are bound to become the envy of one and all! Add a few flowerpots and attractive lounge furniture and you are all set up. Greenery is also known to reduce stress and stimulate concentration.

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